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HHD food card recipients

The Fellowship Gives Aid and Dignity for the High Holy Days

With the High Holy Days approaching, which start with Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and conclude the following week with Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), The Fellowship is providing extra aid to impoverished Jewish families, children, and soldiers throughout the Holy Land.

Watch: The Fellowship Brings Hope to Sick Child in Need

Although Nikita, 10, was born with cerebral palsy and struggles to walk, he still is quite determined to be as independent as possible and remains happy and energetic. He brings such happiness to his parents who otherwise wouldn’t have a lot to feel joyful about. The family lives in extreme poverty and Nikita’s father just lost his job. Thankfully, The Fellowship delivers financial aid to this deserving family!

Forward Command Vehicle

Fellowship-Funded Emergency Vehicle Set to Save Lives in Jerusalem

To ensure a quick and safe response to any large-scale terror attack, war, or natural disaster in Jerusalem, The Fellowship funded the purchase of a Forward Command Vehicle that will allow police and fire departments, security forces, city officials, public works employees, and other first responders to coordinate their efforts as efficiently and as quickly as possible.


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