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Fellowship Bridge Blog - Crisis and need

Fellowship Bridge Blog

Rescuing Jews in Need Around the World, Thanks to You!

In these final weeks of 2016, we reflect on all that your support has allowed us to do this year, including helping Jews in need or in peril make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) from more than 20 different countries. We could not be more grateful for your faithful support, friends!

Fellowship Hotline operators

"The Fellowship Hotline Is the Hotline of Hope!"

The Fellowship Hotline serves as a place to turn for every person in Israel with a problem. The people who call do not know where to turn for the help they need, and the Fellowship operators are trained to direct them to the Fellowship program, other non-profit organization, or government body that can help with their particular issue. We received a letter from Svitlana, who was helped in her search for medical treatments by the Hotline staff.


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