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Fellowship Bridge Blog

battered woman

Thank You for Supporting At-Risk Girls

The Nigunim Hostel for girls, a Fellowship-funded shelter in Israel, is the only long-term, supportive living environment for at-risk, adolescent girls from ultra-Orthodox families throughout the Holy Land. Recently, we received a thank-you letter from the hostel’s grateful director.

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How Can We Care For Holocaust Survivors in Israel?

Holocaust survivors in Israel shouldn’t have to beg to live life in dignity. Find out how The Fellowship is helping survivors who don’t receive government aid and live in desperate poverty. As Holocaust Remembrance Day approaches, learn how you can help survivors in need today.

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Report: 22% of Israelis Lived in Poverty in 2016

Writing at The Jerusalem Post, Lidar Grave-lazi reports that Israel has the highest poverty rate of all developed countries according to the latest National Insurance Institute Annual Poverty Report released on Wednesday. This is why The Fellowship continues to advocate for Israelis in need through our ministry.

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You Comfort the Elderly

Elderly couples in the former Soviet Union like Ida and Valery rely on The Fellowship so they can heat their homes. Learn how else we are helping Ida and Valery survive this winter - all made possible thanks to our donors.

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