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Fellowship Bridge Blog - Crisis and need

Fellowship Bridge Blog

Florida Bridge Collapse, March 15, 2018

Prayer Alert: Bridge in Florida Collapses

Please pray for all those affected by this tragedy – that those injured will be swiftly healed, that those who have lost loved ones will be comforted, and that first responders will be kept safe as they work tirelessly to rescue those in distress.

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Ambulance dedication for Bedouin

Project Spotlight: Ambulance for Those in Need in the Negev

Can you imagine not having access to hospital care, just because your community doesn’t have an ambulance to transport you there? This was the case for people living in the town of Rahat in Israel’s Negev desert, where poverty is widespread. This community worried that the next medical emergency could be fatal, not because of the injury or illness itself, but because they had no way to make it to the hospital in time. Find out how The Fellowship is changing this difficult story.

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Project Spotlight: Dental Care for the Elderly

Lack of dental care for the elderly in Israel is actually a very dangerous situation. Often, having a tooth or gum infection is the turning point that leads to their death. They experience too much mouth pain to eat nutritious foods, and as a result, they lose weight, get sick, and become very frail. Thankfully, The Fellowship’s dental program for the elderly is changing this story - learn how you can help today.

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battered woman

Thank You for Supporting At-Risk Girls

The Nigunim Hostel for girls, a Fellowship-funded shelter in Israel, is the only long-term, supportive living environment for at-risk, adolescent girls from ultra-Orthodox families throughout the Holy Land. Recently, we received a thank-you letter from the hostel’s grateful director.

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How Can We Care For Holocaust Survivors in Israel?

Holocaust survivors in Israel shouldn’t have to beg to live life in dignity. Find out how The Fellowship is helping survivors who don’t receive government aid and live in desperate poverty. As Holocaust Remembrance Day approaches, learn how you can help survivors in need today.

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