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Pro-Palestinian, or Just Anti-Israel?

Elizabeth Tsurkov writes about the “glaring double-standard” when it comes to how people perceive Palestinian suffering, and asks us to think about what some people really mean when they say they are pro-Palestinian.

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A Thank You Letter from Victims of Hurricane Matthew

As Hurricane Matthew damaged homes and brought devastation to many communities in the U.S. and the Caribbean, The Fellowship reached out in support of our ministry friends who needed to rebuild their communities. We recently received this moving letter from one of the churches provided a Fellowship grant.

1972 Israeli Olympics Team

Israeli Athletes Killed in Munich Massacre Finally Honored

For Israelis, the start of another Olympics inevitably brings to mind the massacre at the 1972 Munich Games, when Palestinian gunmen snuck into the athletes’ village, killed two members of the Israeli team, and kidnapped nine others. Those nine were eventually murdered following a failed rescue attempt.

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