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Top 10 IDF Innovations

IAF F-16i Sufa fighter jet (Photo: IDF)

As Israel celebrated her 70th anniversary, there were many lists of ways the Jewish state and her people have contributed to society. But for those who stand for Israel, this list might top them all. The IDF shares with us their top 10 military innovations that have protected Israel these past seven decades:

1. The “Iron Dome” Air Defense System

For many years, rockets have been launched at Israel from the Gaza Strip. As a result, an air defense system called the "Iron Dome" was deployed in southern Israel in 2011. The objective: to protect Israeli civilians from this constant threat by intercepting the rockets.

Accuracy, speed, and capacity - 3 adjectives that describe the “Iron Dome.” With a range of up to 43.5 miles, it was able to intercept 692 rockets during Operation Protective Edge. In addition, in November 2012, during Operation Defensive Pillar, a record high of 421 interceptions were made in just 8 days.

As soon as a rocket is launched by the enemy, the radar station detects and tracks its course, and then immediately launches a missile to intercept and neutralize the enemy rocket before it causes damage to civilians or property.

2. The “Trophy” System

You may think that a tank is an all-powerful and invincible vehicle, but this is not the case. Anti-tank missiles are able to damage tanks beyond repair, so the “Trophy” System was established to counteract this threat.

The “Trophy” detection system creates a 360-degree protective shield around the tank. When an enemy launches a missile against a tank equipped with a “Trophy,” the system instantly detects and neutralizes the threat by firing a missile of its own to explode the enemy missile.

3. The F-16I "Sufa"

"What's so special about the F-16?" you ask. "Half of the western world uses it," you say. Well, this is not a normal F-16. This is the F-16I “Sufa”. The 'I' was added by Israel because its been highly modified to adapt to the specific needs of the Israeli Air Force. To make the incredible work of a pilot as easy and effective as possible, the F-16I has been equipped with a state-of-the-art weapons system, a specially constructed radar system, and a unique helmet system that allows the pilot to launch weapons at an enemy plane using only sight. No wonder we nicknamed it “Sufa,” which means 'storm’ in Hebrew.

4. The “Merkava IV”

At first glance, the “Merkava IV” is indistinguishable from any other tank, but sometimes looks are deceiving. In its current version, the “Merkava IV” includes an improved fire control system with the ability to defend against helicopter attack, a digital battlefield management system, and an unprecedented suspension and tracking system that enables movement even on the most roughest of terrains that would force any other tank to its knees. It’s not surprising that it’s considered one of the best tanks in the world.

5. The drones, the eyes of the IDF

Unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as UAV and drones, which operate on land and sea, have become an indispensable tool to control the enemy's activities. Their main advantage is that they allow to see without being seen. These robots are controlled remotely by soldiers from a safe place. The “Eitan,” for example, has a wingspan of 85 feet, similar to that of the Boeing 737 aircraft. This drone is capable of carrying out long-range missions and has a 36-hour life in the air without interruption. The “Eitan” can withstand all weather conditions; it’s equipped with an automatic defrosting system, a take-off and landing system, and can be integrated with many sensors...

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