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The Israeli Saving Syrian Lives

As Rabbi Eckstein recently noted, Israel is showing herself to be a "light unto the nations" through her actions helping those affected by the Syrian civil war. And now, ISRAEL21c's Nicky Blackburn tells us about this week's Israeli You Should Know, an amazing woman named Gal Lusky who has been risking her life to sneak into Syria and help the conflict's victims:

Dozens of children are running through the camp, shrouded women following behind, picking their way carefully through the stones. On a road winding through the tents, motorbikes cruise by. This is just one small camp. Larger ones dot the Israeli and Jordanian borders.

In the distance, a constant reminder of what these people are running from, smoke from an artillery shell rises into the air. The sound of shelling is frequent, and it’s growing closer – a disturbing soundtrack of war interrupting the normal tranquility of these border hills.

We’re here to interview Gal Lusky, the founder of Israeli Flying Aid. She’s a petite woman with dark hair, whose work I have admired and followed for years. She goes undercover into conflict zones, even into enemy countries, to bring victims vital aid. Often hers is the only NGO to come into these areas.

Lusky is the bravest woman I have ever met. Her work is dangerous. Really dangerous. The stuff of thrillers. Both she and some of her volunteers have been injured on missions...

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