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The Fellowship Receives a Thank You Letter!

RYE Yechiel Eckstein and Alon Shuster (Mayor of Sha'ar HaNegev) (Photo: Olivier Fitoussi)

Making sure the people of Israel are safe during times of terror continues to be a top priority for The Fellowship! This is why we were very moved to receive a letter from the mayor of Sha’ar HaNegev, thanking both The Fellowship and Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein for providing a grant for the construction of a fortified trauma center in the Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council, which borders Gaza and needs protection during times of attack.


…For the past 15 years, the region has found itself in an ongoing emergency situation reflected by rocket and mortar fire at schools, the college and the communities. There is the constant threat of terrorist infiltration of the Gaza border communities…

This greatly increases the level of anxiety and traumatic and post-traumatic reactions of the residents in general and among children and special needs residents in particular. Many children suffer from nightmares, anxiety and fear, bedwetting, difficulty concentrating, fear of sleeping alone and more. Adults suffer from sleep disorders, depression, irritability, hyperarousal and anxiety…

The current therapeutic approach to the treatment of trauma victims is treatment at a local community psychology center and not at an emergency room. Trauma patients receive immediate treatment and long-term care in a Dept. of Social Services structure located on the Sapir College campus where most of the rooms are not fortified.

The treatment of trauma victims in a place that cannot provide the most basic physical security needs is extremely problematic…

Therefore, it was decided there was a need for the construction of a fortified Trauma Center which would include individual therapy rooms, a family/group therapy room and offices.

During routine times, this building will be used for treating trauma victims who require long-term care; training for professional personnel; family therapy to strengthen their family resilience and the ability of families to deal with emergency situations and uncertainty; and, group interventions for children, parents and elderly.

During times of emergency, this building will be used as a stress center which receives trauma victims who need immediate treatment of psychological first aid.

On behalf of the residents of Sha'ar HaNegev, I thank you very much for your generous donation, which enables the establishment of the center.

Best regards,

Alon Shuster


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