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The Fellowship Makes Dreams of Aliyah Come True

aliyah, new olim (Photo: IFCJ)

Victor’s family recently made aliyah (immigrate to Israel) from Ukraine on a Fellowship Freedom Flight. Victor, a 19-year-old, hoped to one day serve in the Israeli Army, and now he will see this dream realized.

The Fellowship is celebrating 25 years of bringing God’s people home with our Hope for the Future campaign. We’re excited to continue to bring families like Victor’s to Israel, and we’re reaching out to friends like you to help us bring even more Jews home, especially those around the world who face anti-Semitism, economic hardship, and conflict. Learn more about how you can help today.

“We want to make our children happy,” says Natalia, Victor’s mother. “We have a daughter, Svitlana, who has hearing problems.” Svitlana struggled to find a steady job because of the Ukrainian community’s poor attitude towards those with disabilities. “Ukraine isn't a country that offers jobs to people with disabilities,” says Yurii, her father. “Svitlana is ready to find a job in Israel. She's very hard working. We also hope that Israeli medicine will be able to help our daughter hear again.”

Yurii, Natalia, Svitlana, and Victor are from a small city in the western Ukraine. They have been hoping to make aliyah for a long time. Victor was the one who encouraged his parents to make the first step. “Victor felt a connection to Israel,” says Yurii. “He convinced our family. We decided to leave Ukraine in order to make our children happy.”

Yurii hopes to find a new occupation. “I worked at a factory for 10 years. It was dangerous work,” he says. “For 10 years I've been breathing toxins which have badly affected my health. The salary for that kind of work was insignificant and unfair. Natalia hasn’t been working for many years because she has had to look after Svitlana.”

Natalia and Yurii are focused on finding good jobs in Israel so they can support their children. “Our children's future is the most important thing for us,” says Natalia. “And we are excited for the opportunities Israel will provide Victor. He's eager to serve in the Israeli army, because he's an Israeli patriot.”

"We've had lots of positive feedback from our friends who also came to Israel thanks to The Fellowship,” says Yurii. “Now we've learned through our own experience that The Fellowship makes sure the conditions for aliyah are as comfortable as possible.”

The family knows that they can always rely on The Fellowship and our wonderful donors who continue to support Ukrainian aliyah. They can’t wait for a fresh start in the Holy Land!

We make sure immigrants have the resources and financial support necessary to begin a new and successful life in Israel. But The Fellowship cannot make this lifesaving commitment without you. Please help us fulfill the promise of Isaiah 11:12 that foretells the return of Jewish exiles "from the four corners of the earth.”

You can give Jews hope for the future by helping them return to their biblical homeland! Click here to help one Jewish person return to Israel every year for $35 per month.

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