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The App That Helps You Plan Your Meals to Avoid Diabetes

(Photo: flickr/siwiaszczyk)

Israeli scientists know that different food combinations or meals affect people’s blood-sugar levels differently. But recently, researchers developed an app that will allow diabetics to prepare the healthiest meals based on their individual digestive system.

Already available in Israel and soon in the United States, DayTwo is the world’s first health-improvement and disease-prevention solution based on the groundbreaking gut microbiome research of Prof. Eran Segal and Dr. Eran Elinav from the Weizmann Institute of Science…

The gut microbiome – bacteria residing in everyone’s intestines – interacts with the digestive and immune systems, and its diversity holds certain clues. DayTwo and the Weizmann researchers developed an algorithm for predicting individualized blood-glucose response to thousands of different foods and meals based on gut microbiome information and other personal parameters…

Last December, DayTwo announced a clinical trial in collaboration with the Microbiome Program at the Mayo Clinic Center of Individualized Medicine in Minnesota to help calibrate the predictive algorithm for the US market.

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