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Schlepping Into the Safe Room?

An Israeli bus arrived near the border with Jabaliya; shortly after passengers exited the bus, the bus was hit by an anti-tank missile fire from the Gaza Strip. An Israeli man who was standing near the front of the bus was seriously injured, and it being operated on at Soroka hospital. (Photo: Public domain)

Recently, a ceasefire was reached after terrorists in Gaza fired more than 400 rockets at Israel in just 24 hours. While we are grateful, we also know that Israelis must always be on guard for attacks. Writing at the Times of Israel, Ruth Lieberman shares what it’s like to be a concerned mother in Israel.

With the sirens blaring around the country, we gather for a quick review. If you hear a siren at home, go to the safe room – doesn’t every modern home have one of these? We do here. Take the phone, computer, the cat – and go. Stay for ten minutes after the sirens have ceased. Let people know you are ok.

After going over the rules with the kids who are home, I turn to the phone and reach out to those not here. Some of you will remember our two girls who are studying at an Israeli university in the south. Yep, they’re in range of Gazan missiles but they’re still in class. Can I call you back in an hour, the younger one asks. Who am I to disturb Statistics, or Arabic studies, to schlep her into a safe room if the sirens have subsided.

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