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Rare 2,200-Year-Old Earring a Goldmine for Scholars

two-thousand-year-old earring just discovered in archaeological excavations at the Givati Parking Lot in the City of David National Park (Photo: IAA/ASHERNET)

The  Times of Israel tells us more about a first-ever animal-headed earring discovered from the Hellenistic-era Jerusalem!

The discovery of a single, approximately 2,200-year-old gold earring, at archaeological excavations near Jerusalem’s Old City gives new, much sought-after evidence of life in the conquered city during the Hellenistic period.

“The moment you pick it up from the earth, it is clean and you see that it is really high-quality craftsmanship. You see how unique this object is,” said Prof. Yuval Gadot of Tel Aviv University, co-director of the excavation. “It’s coming from the Greek world, the Macedonian and Greek world, of the 3rd-2nd century BCE, and this is the first earring like that that was found actually in Jerusalem within Hellenistic-time architecture.”

“For us, the moment that you see something like that, you begin to ask yourself, ‘Who was the person who was wearing the earring?’… One thing that’s for sure, is that this man or woman was wealthy,” said Gadot, adding that they would have come from an affluent home influenced by the Greek Hellenistic culture.

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