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Project Spotlight: Rescuing the Persecuted

Christian Persecution (Photo: Arik Shraga)

There is a very real problem occurring in the Middle East today, which has become a humanitarian crisis: Christian Persecution.

Right now, Christian communities that have been a vibrant part of the Middle East for nearly 2,000 years are being wiped out, as ISIS and other terror groups are bombing churches, beheading pastors, and brutalizing entire Christian communities.

As terrorists overrun their villages, Christians are given a stark, terrible choice: convert to Islam, pay a huge tax to retain their Christian beliefs, leave the region immediately, or be brutally murdered.

The Christians that survive are fleeing their homes in search of safety. In fact, Christians used to make up 20 percent of the population in the Middle East, and today that number has shrunk to 4 percent.

This is why The Fellowship is mobilizing to Rescue the Persecuted – bringing care and aid to Christians  in the Middle East who have been targeted by radical Islamist terrorism. Last year we helped to fund a therapeutic camp for Coptic Christians from Egypt, who suffered critical attacks by terror groups.

How Is The Fellowship Helping Right Now?

The Bible says, “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter” (Proverbs 24:11). The Fellowship is working with authorities on the ground to bring aid to these persecuted Christians, who despite such terror, are choosing to cling to their faith, refusing to convert. Right now, we are helping Iraqi Christian refugees who have fled to Jordan and are in need of basic necessities.

The Fellowship is helping to fund a medical clinic that treats these wounded and weary Iraqi Christian refugees, and we are also funding desperately needed food assistance and housing expenses. With the support of our generous donors, we hope to provide even more aid in the future.

For so long, our faithful supporters, have proven that Christians and Jews can work together to advocate for religious freedom and offer hope to Jews under attack in the Middle East. Rabbi Eckstein has stood on the frontlines of providing security to these vulnerable Jewish communities. Now, our Christian friends in the Middle East are under attack, and together, as Christians and Jews, we must help.

Learn more about the scope of this violence and destruction against Christians in the Middle East in a video here by our friends at PragerU.

And learn how you can help to Rescue the Persecuted today.

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