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Project Spotlight: Neve Michael Teen Social Club Renovation

Neve Michael SUB photos (Photo: Debbi Cooper)

The Fellowship-funded Neve Michael Children’s Home in Pardes Hana, Israel, gives neglected and abused Israeli children a safe place to call home. Did you know Neve Michael is home to a lot of at-risk teens? Many are brought to Neve Michael for immediate shelter after being removed from unsafe home environments. In 2018 The Fellowship helped to renovate an area on the Neve Michael campus to allow teens to have a social club, or moadon in Hebrew, so they can have a safe place to call their own for hanging out.

Thanks to our donors, these teens now have access to a newly painted, repaired, and furnished social club – which serves as a place for social gatherings and down time, as well as lectures and support sessions that teach the teens life skills their parents never taught them.

By blessing these teens, our donors have invested in the future of Israel and blessed the entire Jewish nation! Learn about one teen, Ann (pictured above on right), who suffered a few terrible tragedies in her childhood, but who now feels hopeful for her future thanks to The Fellowship and our donors.

Ann Finds Hope after Trauma

Every day after her brother’s death, Ann woke up feeling that part of her had died along with him. By the time she arrived at the Fellowship-supported Neve Michael Children’s Home, this teenager was shattered and broken.

This was four years ago. Her older brother, Daniel, had intended to escape his parents’ destructive household by joining the Israel Defense Forces, but after years of his parents’ abuse, he was left with the trauma and emotional pain they caused him. He couldn’t handle these emotions by himself – and chose to take his life. The day of his suicide, Ann lost her best friend and the only family member who she had a loving relationship with.

A few months after Daniel’s death, her father finally lost all control of his violent tendencies. He murdered Ann’s mother while Ann was in the same room.

How do you help a teenager who’s experienced so much pain and mistreatment? Thankfully, the staff at Neve Michael is prepared to help teens with traumatic childhoods exactly like Ann.

At first, Ann didn’t want to talk about her family life. Most days, she sat silently in her own world. Today, at 16 years old, she looks forward to her therapy sessions and lectures. She is so grateful to you, Bill and Rita, that she and her friends have a space where they can spend time with one another.

Last week, Ann was in the social club while there was a lecture and workshop on health and nutrition. “I so look forward to the meetings and lectures,” she explained. “I love to go. I even participate in the activities. Can you believe it? Me, taking part in a talk? I can say what I feel. I can be me.”

After everything Ann has experienced, these normal activities build her confidence and allow her to finally feel safe and secure.

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