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Project Spotlight: Christmas Food Cards for Needy Christians

Christmas food vouchers - Fellowship coordinator Yassar Alsaad, with Raana K. a single mother, red shirt, opening food box. Christmas tree. (Photo: IFCJ)

So many impoverished Christians, in addition to needy Jews, struggle every day in the Holy Land with the impossible decision of buying food or medicine. Yet the realities of poverty sting even more during Christmas.

To help these Christians in need, The Fellowship provided supermarket vouchers to hundreds of needy Christians throughout Israel, which allowed families and elderly to celebrate this holiday with dignity.

These vouchers help people like:

Raana, 53, wished she could prepare her teenage daughter a special holiday meal, but only earns $1,000 a month as a caregiver for the elderly. She didn’t have enough to buy groceries for the holidays. Thankfully, she could rely on The Fellowship:

“I want to thank The Fellowship's donors for thinking of me. I want to wish The Fellowship a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for your gift and everything you do. Thank you very much!”

Haana is an 83-year-old widow, who struggles with loneliness, especially during Christmas. She has three daughters, but they don’t own permits to enter Israel, so they rarely visit. Haana must support herself with her $570 monthly social security benefits from Israel's National Insurance Institute, which isn’t enough. She felt so blessed this holiday for The Fellowship’s care:

“I want to thank all of The Fellowship's donors who are willing to help people who are truly needy. You have given us a wonderful gift. Thank you, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!”

Basima, 89, lives with her handicapped son. Another son, who was also handicapped, passed away several years ago. Basima was a housewife her entire life, so she receives no pension. She must survive on her $570 monthly social security benefits from Israel's National Insurance Institute, and struggles to afford food.

“I want to thank The Fellowship's donors for bringing some light into my life. Your gift makes me realize how many people care about me even though they've never met me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for everything. You are very good people. I like you all.”

Learn how you can help more people in need throughout Israel

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