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New Immigrant from Uruguay: “We Will Never Be Alone”

(Photo: Noam Moskowitz)

When new olim (immigrants) step off a Fellowship Freedom Flight, so many are overwhelmed with emotion as they realize they are going to begin a new life in the Holy Land.

And sometimes we receive a special thank-you letter from new olim, giving us a better picture of just how much they appreciate The Fellowship and all of our wonderful donors who support our aliyah program. Below, one new olim from Uruguay sends us good wishes for helping him and his friends fulfill their dream of finally living in Israel!

Making aliyah (immigrating to Israel) can be a difficult process. You face many obstacles, problems, and doubts about starting a new life from scratch in a new country with a new language and culture – all of this places us out of our comfort zone. The Fellowship was an incredible partner, a friend and a family in this difficult process.

Since the first day of our arrival, we’ve been received in a beautiful hotel, helped with all the procedures that a new immigrant needs to do, and we’ve been advised and guided in many topics regarding our new life in our new country, Israel.

In our new life, far away from what we used to call home, a lot of problems appeared on a daily basis, but with constant support, and day to day connection between us and The Fellowship, more specifically with Debbie, we felt supported. It made our aliyah process much easier.

With the information from Debbie and other people about the education, the work, the army, finding an apartment in Israel, as well as answering every single question we had, we settled down quickly. We didn´t have doubts or worries.

With our questions cleared up about our future in the country, The Fellowship also helped us economically with a $1,000 gift that we received after we finished the Ulpan program at Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael, money that was a huge help and a push up to start our lives out of the kibbutz [collective farming settlement].

Today, on the 28th of August and with our new lives arranged we say thank you to The Fellowship, thanks Debbie, and every single person who helped us! The fact that we know that today, tomorrow or in the future, we have The Fellowship, means we will never be alone.

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