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Murals, Monuments, Orchards and Ancient Villages: Exploring Jerusalem’s Hidden Corners

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Jerusalem is filled with a rich biblical history and historical sites for both Christians and Jews, but for the more curious and adventurous travelers, Jerusalem has a lot more to offer than just the most well-known holy sites. Our friends at Times of Israel researched some interesting places to visit that may be a little more challenging to find, but definitely worth checking out! Read the full list now.

HUMOROUS MURAL: For years, tour guides brought groups to the market neighborhood of Ohel Moshe and stopped behind its synagogue. “Back in the old days,” they would say, “neighborhood residents baked their dinners in a communal oven.” And the guide would point at a spot on the wall. “The oven was here, behind the synagogue. Housewives prepared the raw materials, wrote their names on the pots and pans, and brought them to the oven before Shabbat. The fragrance of the dishes baking in the oven drove worshippers crazy during prayers.”

Then one day, the director of the community center that stands right behind the synagogue decided to make life easier for the tour guides. The result: a lively, humorous and rather unique mural in the community center yard, illustrating the entire process.

CANAANITE VILLAGE: Unless you have read the intriguing book Secrets of Jerusalem by Tzvia Dobrish-Fried, you may not know about this very special ancient spot. Yet it is just sitting there in plain sight, right next to a parking lot at the Malha shopping mall. Both a beautiful stone ramp and lovely staircase lead up to remains from two villages, built 200 years apart, over 4,000 years ago!

Exposed during construction of the mall in 1985, the site was then thoroughly excavated. It features the ruins of an entire Canaanite dwelling whose rooms surround a courtyard. In addition, two monuments and a bench for sacrifice were discovered in the remains of a public building that was obviously used for worship.

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