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Joy and Light at Fellowship-Supported Neve Michael Children’s Home!

hanukkah neve michael (Photo: Neve Michael)

In the following letter, Hava, who is the project coordinator and a mother figure to the orphaned children at Neve Michael, shares what a wonderful Hanukkah miracle they all witnessed at this Fellowship-supported orphanage.

As we celebrate the Hanukkah holiday, also known as the Festival of Lights, I would like to share an amazing story about a newborn baby, Orit, who is bringing endless light and happiness to so many people.

Rivka* arrived over 30 years ago to Fellowship-supported Neve Michael Children’s Home. She was a 13-year-old girl with an older sister who was emotionally unstable, a married brother whose daughter was removed to foster care, and another sister whose husband was abusive. With no stable family members to care for her, Rivka took refuge and found a home at Neve Michael.

Thanks to all the love and support that Rivka received, she managed to overcome the traumas of the past. She grew up with encouragement and ambitions. Even after graduating from Neve Michael, Rivka kept in touch with us. After Rivka married a lovely man, the couple returned to work at Rivka's real home – Neve Michael.

Unfortunately, they were unable able to have children, even after undergoing fertility procedures. They never complained and were grateful for so many other things in their lives. David,* Rivka's husband, began to do maintenance work at Neve Michael Children's Emergency Crisis Center and proved to be a meticulous worker. The children loved him and Rivka, especially Merav.

Merav* is a little girl who was removed from her home and sent to Neve Michael Children’s Emergency Crisis Center because her mother was mentally unstable and unable to properly care for Merav. The courts took away her mother’s parental rights. During Passover 2018, she was adopted by Rivka and David. The entire Neve Michael family wept with joy when this happened.

Rivka is like a daughter to me and even calls me mother. We made sure that Merav would be the star at our Passover seder and she certainly was. My husband surprised her with a brand new pink bike.

The story gets better.

Merav's mother, who was mentally unstable and constantly in and out of the hospital, had another baby. The new baby girl was taken away from her by court order immediately after birth. A week later, the baby was given to Rivka and David to adopt. They named her Orit and now both sisters can grow up together.

This miracle has touched so many people and has filled Rivka, David, and Merav’s lives with such joy and happiness. The social worker cannot believe all the love and support this family is getting from the wonderful people at Neve Michael.

Miracles do happen at Neve Michael!

Happy Hanukkah!

With love,

Hava, the Neve Michael Programs and Projects Coordinator

*names withheld for security

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