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Global United Fellowship Begins Pilgrimage to Israel

Tour group served authentic Ethiopian coffee and popcorn. (Photo: IFCJ)

The Fellowship continues to build bridges between the African-American and Jewish communities.

This week, September 19-26, members from the Global United Fellowship (GUF), one of North America’s largest African-American Christian churches, will get to experience the Holy Land firsthand all thanks to The Fellowship. They are on a Fellowship-hosted tour of Israel where they will visit historic sites and will also be introduced to The Fellowship’s ministry, as they visit the people and places we help every day on the ground in Israel.

One of our Israel staff members, Michael Seiler reports:

Although their plane was delayed, the GUF group felt eager to begin their tour as they finally arrived in the Holy Land. They couldn’t wait to learn about the work being done by The Fellowship.

The day began with a visit to the Fellowship House Ethiopian Spiritual Center in Netanya.

They were served authentic Ethiopian coffee and popcorn.

Then Micha Feldmann captivated the group by explaining his experience as one of the chief architects of “Operation Solomon” that succeeded in bringing, in one weekend, 14,310 Ethiopian Jews to the Holy Land. He is the author of On Wings of Eagles: The Secret Operation of Ethiopian Exodus, which gives a gripping account of the life-threatening struggles the Ethiopian Jews faced as they tried to escape to Israel.

Zehava Tesfay, manager of our Ethiopian immigrant program, then spoke about the work being done with the community to provide the tools for their future success.

The group next visited the Neve Michael Children’s Village in Pardes Hana where they were greeted by Yael Eckstein.

Following lunch in the dining room together with the children, the group visited the synagogue at Neve Michael, and Yael spoke about the partnership between The Fellowship and Neve Michael. Together, we want to help nurture and educate all the children at Neve Michael so they can live successful lives in Israel.

Yael then spoke passionately about the importance of Israel as a safe haven and home for the Jewish people and the reality that Christians are making life better for the Jewish people.

Then the GUF group distributed Fellowship Rosh Hashanah clothing cards to the some of the children at Neve Michael.

The day ended with a visit to Caesarea, the port city built by Herod the Great in 13 BCE.

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