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Germany Dons Kippahs to Protest Anti-Semitism

This week, a prominent Jewish leader in Germany warned his nation's Jews of wearing kippahs, the traditional Jewish skullcap, because of a wave of anti-Semitism. However, The Times of Israel reports that thousands of Germans - Jews and Gentiles alike - have donned kippahs in order to protest this scourge of anti-Jewish hatred and violence:

[N]on-Jewish Germans joined with Jews wearing kippahs at several protests across Germany on Wednesday in a sign of solidarity after a spate of shocking anti-Semitic incidents, raising pointed questions about Berlin’s ability to protect its burgeoning Jewish community seven decades after the Holocaust.

One day after the head of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, Josef Schuster, warned against wearing religious symbols on city streets for fear of attack, some 150 protesters came to a rally in the eastern German city of Erfurt and hundreds more were expected later in the day in Berlin, Cologne and Potsdam.

“We must never allow anti-Semitism to become commonplace in Germany again,” Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told the daily Tagesspiegel ahead of a “Berlin Wears Kippa” event where Jews and non-Jews will wear the traditional skullcap in a shared show of defiance.

Every attack on Jewish life “is an attack on us all,” Maas added.

More than 2,000 people — Jews, Christians, Muslims and atheists — put on kippas in a show of solidarity in Berlin...

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