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Faces of The Fellowship: Olha

Faces of The Fellowship: Olha (photo: Olivier Fitoussi)

Olha and Arthur, along with their 2-year-old daughter, Yeva, and their 9-month-old old son, Dominik, made aliyah (immigrate to Israel) from Lvov, Ukraine, on a Fellowship Freedom Flight.

The family had originally decided to come to Israel two years ago. However, Olha learned she was pregnant, and the family decided to wait until their newborn baby was old enough to make the trip.

“The main reason we've decided to make aliyah is because we want a good future for our children,” says Olha. “My father has been living in Israel for a year and a half. We want to reunite the family.”

Also, their infant son, Dominik, has health problems that affect his lungs. “We believe that the good climate conditions in Israel are important for his health as well,” says Olha.

Arthur also worries about the future of Ukraine’s economy: “The fighting in the eastern part of Ukraine just won’t come to an end. Therefore, we don’t see any bright future here. Every day things become more and more expensive. Life is simply turning into a struggle for survival.”

While the family knows it won’t be easy beginning a new life in a new country, they are hopeful they will find work. “We feel that Olha could find her place in the tourism industry,” says Arthur. “That's the area in which she worked in Ukraine. I'm sure I'll be able to find work in a factory.”

The family is also moving to Israel with Olha's 80 year-old grandmother, Nila. “It wasn't easy to convince her to move to Israel,” says Olha. "We hope that the Israeli climate will do her well. Most of our relatives already live in Israel, so she'll be happy to see her family again.”

Although the family isn't certain about what awaits them in their new home, according to Olha, they're not afraid of a new life. "Of course, we have our concerns about how all this will turn out,” she says. “However, we're prepared for all we might face in Israel. Our 2-year-old daughter, Yeva, has already learned the Hebrew alphabet. We feel assured that Israel, unlike Ukraine, treats war differently and is well prepared for it if it happens.”

The family is grateful to The Fellowship for making the process of moving so well-organized and easy. "Whenever we had any questions, the Fellowship representatives were there with answers. The financial help The Fellowship is supplying is also a huge benefit. We know that we won't be alone during our first months in the country. That's a very reassuring feeling.”

Learn how you can help more Jewish people make aliyah on future Fellowship Freedom Flights.

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