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A Reminder That God Is with Us

Rabbi Eckstein Named One of Jerusalem Post’s Most Influential Jews Yossi Zwecker

Yom Kippur - the Day of Atonement - begins tonight at sundown, marking the end of the High Holy Days. As Jews prepare to observe this, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, Rabbi Eckstein writes at Fox News that this reminder of God's presence is important for us all, Jews and Christians alike:

The "Sabbath of Sabbaths,” as Yom Kippur is known, beckons us to hit “pause” on our busy lives and make a personal assessment of the state of our souls. What kind of lives are we leading? Are we treating our neighbor as we would want to be treated? Are we making the world God created for us a better place?

Yom Kippur is meant to show us where we have fallen short in our duty to God and our neighbors. It reminds us that our breaths on Earth are counted, and that one day we will have to render an account of our lives before God. In this respect, it is a solemn and sobering day.

But Yom Kippur also offers us a much-needed reminder that we can still repent, correct course and return to the right path before it is too late.

Politically and culturally, our world is deeply divided. The world is fraught with wars and massive humanitarian crises – there are currently more than 40 active conflicts around the world.

Thus, Yom Kippur should be welcomed by Jews and non-Jews alike as an invitation to stop and reflect on the current state of ourselves and our societies...

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