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A Helping Hand for the Homebound

With dignity and fellowship (Photo: IFCJ)

The Fellowship provides essential food and medicine to 18,500 needy elderly through our With Dignity and Fellowship program. In addition to this essential assistance, The Fellowship enlists volunteers who visit and offer them companionship. For many elderly, these volunteers are the only friends they're in contact with on a regular basis.

Finding a Lasting Friendship

Two years ago, Eden, began volunteering with The Fellowship, and was paired with 71-year-old Rachel.

Rachel stays home alone most the day because of her poor health. She rarely leaves her apartment. On a typical day, a government provided caregiver comes to cook, straighten up the apartment, and then leaves.

But once a week, Rachel receives visits from 20-year-old Eden, who works as a legal assistant in the daytime but who comes to listen, comfort, and chat with Rachel in the evenings. The relationship they've formed is like that of a mother and daughter.

When Eden arrives, the two of them drink tea and talk about everything that has happened to them during the course of the week. When Rachel celebrated her last birthday, Eden's entire family came to celebrate at Rachel's home. Whenever a lightbulb needs to be changed, or any other repair is needed, Eden's father comes and does it. Eden's family would very much like to host Rachel at their home on Shabbat (Sabbath), but she can't leave her apartment because of her health problems.

“This relationship is very important to us,” say Eden and Rachel. “We look forward to our weekly meeting in order to share what's going on in our lives with each other.”

“It's no longer simply volunteerism,” says Eden, “it's getting together with family. That's the relationship we have.”

Learn how you can help impoverished elderly in Israel today.

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