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Torah study

Monday Devotional: God Wants YOU!

This week’s Torah portion is about the temporary structure that would serve as the portable Temple – the Tabernacle, or in Hebrew, the Mishkan. In the opening verses, God instructed Moses to collect contributions from the children of Israel in order to construct the Mishkan. This Torah portion is called Terumah, which means contributions, and is named for the donations that God’s people would give from their hearts for His divine plan.

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Yael and Shimmy

Yael: The Diagnosis That Changed My Family's World

The Fellowship’s Yael Eckstein is the mom of four children, the youngest of which, her son Shimmy, was born just last year. While she was pregnant, Yael learned that Shimmy has clubfoot, news that sent her family on an emotional journey. Parents magazine recently shared Yael’s story – and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

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New Immigrants from Turkey Feel Blessed by The Fellowship!

Every day Jews around the world dream of making aliyah (immigrating to Israel), but they cannot fulfill this dream for many reasons, such as financial troubles or worries about beginning a new life with no support. Thankfully, the Fellowship’s aliyah program helps these immigrants through informational seminars, financial aid, and helpful volunteers. So when we received this thank-you letter from a couple who are originally from Turkey, we felt excited to know our program is changing the lives of Jews around the world for the better. 

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Let’s Make Brisket Sliders!

Brisket is a special dish loved by Ashkenazi Jews (Jews from France, Germany, and Eastern Europe) and prepared for special occasions. Our friends at My Jewish Learning show us how to make brisket sliders – a delicious snack for parties or family gatherings!

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Reflections on Ukraine

In her weekly video update, Yael reflects on her recent trip to provide aid to Holocaust survivors in Ukraine and talks about Jewish life in the former Soviet Union.

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A Safe Haven

For women dealing with physical or verbal abuse at home by a loved one, speaking out or finding help can be difficult. Thankfully, Bet Melech, a Fellowship-supported women’s shelter for battered women and children, is the only shelter in Israel specifically for Orthodox Jewish women, giving them a safe haven where their religious values are respected. Writing for The Jerusalem Post, Carmit Sapir Weitz tells us more about the aid provided at this lifesaving shelter.

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