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Rescued Violins Bring Deep Meaning to Tel Aviv Concert

A recent orchestra concert in Tel Aviv moved audience members to tears – but not for reasons you might expect. It wasn’t so much the music or the musicians who inspired the crowd, but the violins being played. More specifically, the evening was so memorable because of the violins’ previous owners: Holocaust survivors.

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Rehovot Ethiopian Spiritual Center dedication

Project Spotlight: Fellowship House Ethiopian Spiritual Center

The Fellowship has contributed 23 spiritual centers to the Ethiopian Jewish community throughout Israel the ensure that they maintain their religious traditions, continue to pray in the style of their ancestors, and have a home where they can celebrate life events. Recently, we dedicated the most recent Fellowship House Ethiopian Spiritual Center in the city of Rehovot.

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From Nice to Israel: "I feel at home; it's my place"

The Fellowship continues to bring home new olim (immigrants) from France, a place where many Jews have recently started to worry about anti-Semitic attacks and harassment. One prominent Rabbi in Nice, France, explains why he decided to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) with The Fellowship

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Torah study

Monday Devotional: Taking Responsibility for Others

A rabbi once made a derogatory comment about a colleague in whom he was deeply disappointed. He called the other rabbi “a tzaddik in Pelz,” meaning “a righteous person in a fur coat.” He explained that if a person is cold, there are two ways that he can get warm. Either he can wear a fur coat or he can light a fire. If the person lights a fire, others can benefit from the heat as well. If he wears a fur coat, he alone experiences the warmth.

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8 Great Things About Summer in Israel

Summers in Israel are dry (almost no rain from April to October), warm (temperatures in the 80s and 90s), and full of the unique charms that make the Holy Land such a special place for locals and tourists alike.

Israel21c has compiled a list of their eight favorite things about summer in Israel, starting with Jerusalem at night. 

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Rescued Violins Bring Deep Meaning to Tel Aviv Concert

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