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Fellowship Volunteers Bring Cheer and Companionship

Immanuel lives alone in a small apartment. Unfortunately, the only visitor he has is his homecare aide, who visits him for three hours twice a week. While he feels so grateful to have someone to share a few hours with, he spends most of his time in loneliness - until Fellowship volunteers arrived at his door.

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Torah study

Monday Devotional: A Gentle Whisper

This week’s Torah portion doesn’t have the most exciting name. It is called mishpatim, the Hebrew word for “laws.” And yes, you guessed it, this week’s selection is all about laws – the rules and regulations for living a life defined by God’s Word and His will. In fact, there are over 50 laws listed in this selection!

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The Fellowship Warms Zelig’s Heart and Home this Winter

Thousands of needy Jews in Israel and the former Soviet Union will avoid the brutal cold this winter because of The Fellowship’s heating assistance. We handed out heating vouchers, space heaters, heating fuel, blankets, and winter clothing – and Zelig is one of the recipients. 

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The Top 10 Most Romantic Places in Israel

As one of the world’s largest producers of flowers – including roses – and plenty of beautiful scenery, the Holy Land can be a very romantic spot. Writers at Israel21c tell us the best romantic places in Israel, like stargazing in Mitzpe Ramon!

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Let’s Make Jewish Coffee Cake!

Traditional Jewish coffee cake uses actual coffee to flavor the cake, but today, like in this recipe, most of the cakes are caffeine free. They still taste delicious dipped in a cup of coffee, though! Jewish homes serve coffee cake on Shabbat or during Jewish holidays. Try this recipe today brought to you by My Jewish Learning.

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Fellowship Volunteers Bring Cheer and Companionship

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