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Let's Make Stuffed Vegetables!

Stuffed vegetable dishes can be found in many restaurants and on family dinner tables throughout the Middle East, but the flavors and spices used vary between regions. Learn how to make traditional stuffed vegetables like you would find in Jerusalem with Joan Nathan, a food columnist and cook who loves the flavors of the Old City!

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Yarden Gerbi

Israeli Bronze Medalist Has Heart of Gold

Yarden Gerbi became an Israeli hero during the recent Rio Games with her bronze medal win in judo following an impressive display of strength and strategy. Now she’s making headlines for her impressive display of compassion: auctioning off her Olympic name tag and giving the money to a Tel Aviv hospital to purchase medical equipment for their pediatric cancer unit.

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Praying hands on Bible

Take Our Prayer Quiz!

In conjunction with our new prayer booklet, Work of the Heart: Ten Biblical Lessons on the Power of Prayer, we’ve created a quiz to see how much you know about matters related to prayer in the Bible. Do you know the Hebrew word for prayer and who said the first recorded prayer in the Bible? Take our quiz to find out!

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Faces of The Fellowship: Mina

Faces of The Fellowship: Mina

Mina was 30 years old when she met her husband, Benny. She was teaching high school chemistry classes in Siberia at the time and Benny was the brother of one of her college friends. Benny was training to become a pilot, and, most importantly, he was Jewish, just like Mina. They got married and moved to Russia. But then tragedy struck . . .

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Ukraine Needs Your Prayers!

Stay updated on Jews suffering in Ukraine by joining our Prayer Team

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