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Jonathan and Abe

'This Is The Fellowship'

Abe works in The Fellowship’s Jerusalem office, so I had only interacted with him via email. I was eager to grab a bite with him after work when he was visiting our Chicago office. It was exciting to get time with someone who lives in Israel and also works at The Fellowship. Even though I had just met him in person, as we talked over dinner it really felt like we were . . .

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Let’s Make Cholent!

Cholent is a beef stew that many Jewish families eat for lunch on Shabbat – our friends at The Nosher show us how to prepare this dish.

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Tadeusz Gebethner and his soccer team

The Game of His Life

Tadeusz Gebethner was a Polish soccer player who, during the Holocaust, considered saving Jews his obligation, and who died from wounds suffered while fighting the Nazis during the Warsaw Uprising.

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