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A Special Movie Screening in Honor of Jerusalem Day

Jerusalem Day begins tomorrow night at sundown. This year the Holy City is celebrating 50 years of being unified under Israeli control. To commemorate this miraculous anniversary, CBN Documentaries Film is releasing a new movie, In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem.

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Torah study

Monday Devotional: Torah in the Desert

According to Jewish tradition, when God wanted to give the Torah, the Bible, to humankind, he offered it to every nation in the world before the children of Israel. Each nation asked God the same question: “What’s in it?” God shared with them the Ten Commandments – don’t steal, don’t murder, don’t commit adultery, and so forth. “No thanks!” they replied. “It’s just too hard!

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You Can Protect Israel

Partner with God and our ministry to defend Israel and her people from terror

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Monday Devotional: Torah in the Desert

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