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Faces of The Fellowship: Najat

For 36 years, Najat, 80, was a respected lecturer of Greek philosophy at a Baghdad university. She is also “mother” to her two nieces, both intellectually disabled, and her nephew, who is severely intellectually disabled, after their parents passed away over 30 years ago. All of their lives were destroyed one fateful night in 2016, reducing the family to penniless refugees.

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Project Spotlight: Beach Day for the Homebound

Recently, The Fellowship organized an outing to the beach for homebound elderly in the city of Kiryat Gat, Israel. “Tears flowed from my eyes all morning as I sat next to Shmuel in the water, and he told me of his difficult life,” said a Fellowship volunteer. “He spoke of his childhood, his marriage, and his being alone. He expressed such joy and thanks for this moment.”

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