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Let’s Make Chocolate Tahini Cake!

Tahini is a popular Israeli spread made out of crushed sesame seeds. Try this recipe brought to you by Molly Yeh and The Jewish Week that combines nutty tahini with chocolate to make delicious mini cakes!

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Faces of The Fellowship: Ana

Faces of The Fellowship: Ana

Ana is a 92-year-old woman from Belarus living alone in Israel. She participates in The Fellowship’s With Dignity and Fellowship project, which provides impoverished elderly assistance with food, medicine, and companionship. Ana also receives monthly deliveries from The Fellowship’s virtual supermarket, which offers elderly who are strong enough to cook but too weak to go shopping an opportunity to order food for free.

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aliyah seminar

Project Spotlight: Aliyah Seminars

Fellowship Freedom Flights have helped thousands of Jewish people make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) in recent years. While the flight to the Holy Land is a big part of what we provide for these immigrants, it’s certainly not the only thing we provide. In order to help prepare new olim (immigrants) for the first stage of their new lives in Israel, and to guarantee their absorption will be ultimately successful, we host aliyah seminars, a series of informative lectures by experts in the field about their first steps in Israel, including job searching and navigating the health care and education system in Israel.

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