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Middle East's Largest Natural History Museum Opens in Tel Aviv

After more than 20 years of planning, the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History finally opened last week in Tel Aviv. The 100,000-square-foot building in now the largest natural history museum in the Middle East. Shaped like Noah’s Ark, the museum houses more than 5.5 million specimens of species from around the world – all on display in an effort to educate, increase appreciation, and promote preservation.

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carrot salad

Let's Make Carrot Salad!

Carrot salad is easy to make and refreshing. When Israelis abroad long for their homeland, they recall the incomparable tastes of Israel's fruits and vegetables.

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Faces of The Fellowship: Yousif

It is hard not to gasp in shock when you meet 17-year-old Yousif. It is even harder not to burst into tears when his mother, who asked to remain anonymous, tells his story. The family lived in a Christian section of Baghdad, Iraq. Many of the wealthiest Christian residents left after the Iran-Iraq war and sold their homes to Muslims. Eventually, Christians became the minority.

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