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Jerusalem: One Family's Love Story

Watch this five-part series about one family's bond with God's Holy City, Jerualem, dating back seven generations. The Fellowship's Yonit Rothchild interviews Yifat Bardash, who describes her family's experience through the Ottomon Empire to the British, to the fight for Independence and the reunifcation of Jerusalem following the Six-Day War in 1967. It's a love story you won't want to miss!

Part 1 -- Revival of a Dream

Yifat Bardash begins the story of her family's journey to Jerusalem, beginning with her great-great-great grandfather, who left Russia in the late 1800s as a young man to come to the Holy Land seeking a better life.

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Part 2 - Friends and Enemies

In part 2, Yifat Bardash continues the story of her great-great-grandparents living in Jerusalem. For many years, Jews live peacefully together with their Arab neighbors, but those relationships began to change after World War I.

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Part 3 - The Fight for Independence

Yifat Bardash relates her father's experience as a young teen, joining the fight for Israel's independence in 1948.

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paratroopers with Dome of the Rock in background

Part 4 - The Six-Day War

In this segment, Yifat Bardash talks about the Six-Day War in 1967 and how her father, who fought again, learned that Israel had reunited God's Holy City of Jerusaelm.

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Yifat Bardash' father at the Western Wall

Part 5 - A Journey of the Heart

In this final segment, Yifat Bardash shares that her father at age 84 walks four miles to the Western Wall every Shabbat with his grandchildren as a journey of the heart. 

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