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Life of Abraham: Our Incredible Patriarch

Abraham: Our Incredible Patriarch — An Overview

This overview explains God’s call to Abraham to leave his homeland and become the father of a great nation, whose descendants would be too numerous to count. Discover how God fulfilled His promise to Abraham, and how we today still see the fruits of God’s promises to Abraham and the consequences of Abraham’s choices — both good and bad.

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Abraham — Lesson 1: The Promise-Maker

Download this Bible Study of God’s covenant with Abraham to learn important lessons about God’s character and about the implications of these covenants for us today.

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Abraham — Lesson 2: The Promise-Keeper

In this downloadable Bible study, learn how God fulfilled His promise to Abraham, how God deals with His people, and about how His covenant with Abraham still impacts us today.

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Children's Resources: Abraham

Use these activity pages and Sunday school lesson to help children learn about Abraham, the Father of our faith. The lesson and activity pages are free and downloadable for use in the classroom or at home.

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