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Journey Magazine

Journey Magazine - Fall 2017

Learn about the spiritual significance of the Holy City and meet a family with eight generations of history there, read why young Ethiopian immigrants to Israel now have a brighter future, tag along on Yael Eckstein’s recent trip to visit the shrinking Jewish community in Morocco, and more.

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Journey Magazine Spring, 2017. Hotline of Hope

Journey Magazine - Spring 2017

Get a close-up look at the Fellowship Hotline, offering immediate help to Israelis in dire need; meet a couple in the FSU offering counter-cultural care to their special-needs son with help from The Fellowship; learn how Jews facing anti-Semitism in Venezuela are finding hope thanks to you; and more.

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Journey Magazine - Winter 2017

In our Winter 2017 issue, read about The Fellowship’s lifesaving heating assistance for Holocaust survivors, hear one French Jewish family’s frightening wake-up call that it was time to move to Israel, and enjoy an excerpt from Rabbi Eckstein’s new booklet on angels.

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Journey Magazine - Winter 2016

In our Winter 2016 issue, read about the many ways The Fellowship is helping war-weary Ukrainian Jews; our distribution of food cards and food boxes to impoverished Jews for the recent High Holy Days; the Fellowship Freedom Flights now arriving in Israel from Bolivia, France, Uruguay, and Melilla; and much more.

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Journey Magazine - Fall 2016

Read about a special event The Fellowship hosted for Israel’s victims of terror, how we’re bringing help and hope to people with cerebral palsy, how we’re rescuing Jews from rising anti-Semitism in France, and more.

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