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The Miraculous War of 1967

In 1967, Israel found herself in a war that her people did not think they could win. The results were nothing less than miraculous. Find out how much you know about this historic event.

Question 1 of :

Question 1 In 1967, Israel fought a war that lasted how many days?

What has become known as the Six-Day War was fought between June 5 and June 10 in 1967.

5 6 7 None of the above

Question 2 Which of these nations was not one of Israel’s foes during the Six-Day War?

While Israel battled Egypt along its southern border, Jordan on its western border, and Syria to the north, Lebanon was not an opponent during this particular conflict.

Egypt Jordan Syria Lebanon

Question 3 Which act of belligerence did Egypt not carry out leading up to the war’s beginning?

Egypt first expelled U.N. peacekeepers from the Sinai, replacing them with Egyptian troops. Then it blocked the Straits of Tiran, the waterway linking southern Israel to the rest of the world.

Expelling United Nations peacekeepers Destroying Jewish holy sites Moving troops to the Sinai desert Blockaded the Straits of Tiran

Question 4 Who struck first at the beginning of the war?

With the Egyptian military looming on her southern border, Israel realized that an attack was inevitable, striking first.

Israel Egypt Jordan Syria

Question 5 How long did it take for Israel to destroy the Egyptian air force?

Israel risked nearly its entire air force – about 200 planes – to target the threatening Egyptian air force. Egypt had the means to defeat the Israeli Air Force (IAF), but in a miracle that only God could have provided, Israel decimated her more powerful Egyptian foes in only six hours.

Six months Six weeks Six days Six hours

Question 6 Despite this overwhelming victory by Israel, why did Jordan and Syria enter the war?

Despite Israel’s swift decimation of Egypt’s air force, Egyptian propaganda reported otherwise – boasting of Egypt’s success against Israel. Jordan and Syria believed the lies, entering the war.

Dishonest Egyptian propaganda A dire telegram from Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser Israeli subterfuge A pact with other Arab nations

Question 7 What was the American stance toward the Six-Day War?

While the U.S. didn’t fight alongside its ally, Israel, during the Six-Day War (it was, at the time, bogged down with the Vietnam War and public opposition to that conflict), American opposition to Israeli military action began to soften, and the two nations continued to grow closer.

Fought alongside Israel Softened its stance toward Israel Allied with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria None of the above

Question 8 On the other hand, America’s greatest foe at the time, the Soviet Union, did what to influence the Six-Day War?

The Soviet Union played a large role in the conflict, and not in a way that was pro-Israel (there has even been speculation that the USSR sparked the war to justify attacking Israel’s Dimona nuclear facility). The Soviets falsely reported to Syria and Egypt that Israel had massed troops on the Israeli-Syrian border, in preparation for an attack. They also replaced equipment lost by both the Egyptians and Syrians, and helped with Egypt’s air defenses.

Fed false information to Syria and Egypt Replaced equipment losses suffered by Syria and Egypt Increased involvement in Egypt’s anti-aircraft defense All of the above

Question 9 Soviet influence in the war had an effect on what aspect of Jewish culture?

Israel’s victory had an enormous impact on the Jewish people who lived in the Soviet Union. The news penetrated the Iron Curtain, connecting with Soviet Jewry and setting in motion an eventual Jewish exodus from the former Soviet Union. The Fellowship continues to help thousands of Jews living in the former Soviet Union make aliyah (immigrating to Israel) through its On Wings of Eagles ministry.

Aliyah Shabbat Tzedakah Bar and bat mitzvahs

Question 10 But perhaps the most profound result of the Six-Day War was the

As a result of the war (and Israel’s defeat of Jordan, which had occupied parts of the Holy City), the Jewish people once again controlled their biblical, historical, and eternal capital, Jerusalem.

Destruction of the Temple Mount Reunification of Jerusalem Construction of Ben Gurion Airport All of the above

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