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Sound the Shofar!

Test your knowledge about this biblically mandated instrument and its significance to the Jewish observations during the High Holy Days.

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Question 1 The shofar is the Jewish trumpet traditionally made from the _____ of a ram.

The curved horn of an animal, most commonly a ram, is used to make this ceremonial trumpet whose call is meaningful to the Jewish people.

Hooves Horn Tail Wool

Question 2 The first shofar was made by _____.

After God spared Isaac’s life, the boy’s father Abraham used the sacrificial ram that the Lord provided and crafted two shofars from its horns.

Adam Noah Abraham Moses

Question 3 Of the two shofars Abraham made atop Mt. Moriah, the first was to be blown on which other mountain?

The first of the two shofars which Abraham made was to be blown atop Mt. Sinai when God gave His Word, the Torah, to His people.

Carmel Sinai Mount of Olives Mt. Hermon

Question 4 The second shofar was meant to be blown when?

While the first of Abraham’s shofars was blown when God gave His Word, the second will be sounded at the end of time.

Careation of the Holy Temple Battle of Jericho Fall of the Roman Empire Judgment Day

Question 5 On which Jewish holiday can the shofar traditionally be heard?

On Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, the sound of the shofar recalls the binding of Isaac and reminds us that God wants us to sacrifice our lives for Him, not through dying for Him, but rather through living for Him.

Rosh Hashanah Sukkot Purim Passover

Question 6 Three sounds are made on the shofar. The first is called tekiah and is a long, smooth blast to announce the coming of the _____.

Reminiscent of the trumpets that once heralded mortal kings, tekiah is the announcement of the King of all Kings.

Morning The Prophet Elijah King Night

Question 7 Shevarim is the name of the second shofar sound, meaning “broken” in Hebrew. It is the sound of _____.

The Jewish sages taught that Rosh Hashanah “is to be a day of sobbing for you,” referencing Deborah’s song of praise to God in the book of Judges: “Through the window peered Sisera’s mother; behind the lattice she cried out, ‘Why is his chariot so long in coming? Why is the clatter of his chariots delayed?’” (5:28).

Glass Weeping Singing Laughter

Question 8 The final type of shofar sound is a joyful, happy one called teruah and consists of how many blasts?

“Happy is the people that know the sound of the teruah” (Psalm 89:15, Jewish Masoretic Text) says the psalmist of this, the third type of shofar sound that is made up of nine short blasts and is intended to wake us on Rosh Hashanah from our year-round spiritual slumber.

Three Six Seven Nine

Question 9 While the shofar is traditionally made from a ram’s horn, it can also be crafted from the horn of any kosher animal, except for the _____.

A shofar can be made from any kosher animal except for a cow, as the cow represents the biblical sin of the golden calf, while the shofar stands for repentance.

Cow Deer Goat Sheep

Question 10 The final shofar blast, called a tekiah gedolah, is made both at the end of the Rosh Hashanah service and at the conclusion of which other Jewish holiday?

While Rosh Hashanah brings in the High Holy Days – the holiest time of year for the Jewish people – Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day on the Jewish calendar and completes the High Holy Days.

Yom Kippur Tu B'Shvat Tisha B'Av Shavuot

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