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Jerusalem Day

Jerusalem is called the center of the world, holy city of God, the place where all things began and history is destined to end. Find out how much you know about this biblical and historical city with our quiz.

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Question 1 The name Jerusalem means:

The correct answer is City of Peace. The Jewish sages say God Himself chose the name "Jerusalem," Yerushalayim in Hebrew, for His holy city. The name is comprised of two Hebrew words, yeru and shalem, which in Hebrew means “you will see” and “peace” or “wholeness.”

City of Peace Mountain of God Town of Redemption Village of Holiness

Question 2 In what mountain range is Jerusalem located?

The correct answer is Judean mountains.

Carmel mountains Eilat mountains Gilboan mountains Judean mountains

Question 3 Who built the first Holy Temple in Jerusalem?

The correct answer is Solomon. King David wanted to build the Temple, but God told him that it would be his son, Solomon, who would build the Holy Temple. For more, read 1 Chronicles 28:2-6.

Joshua Joseph Solomon David

Question 4 On which mountain in Jerusalem did many of the events of Jesus’ life occur?

The correct answer is Mt. of Olives. The Mount of Olives since biblical times has been a burial site for Jews, but it is also the site where Jesus wept over Jerusalem, taught, prayed with his disciples, and ultimately, was betrayed. In the book of Acts, it is described as the site where Jesus ascended into heaven.

Mount of Olives Mount Sinai Mount Herzl Mount Scopus

Question 5 In what year in modern times did Israel regain sovereignty over Jerusalem?

The correct answer is 1967. During the War of 1967, Israeli forces liberated the Temple Mount and unified the Old City under Israel’s rule — an event celebrated every year on Jerusalem Day in Israel.

1948 1956 1967 1973

Question 6 According to Jewish tradition, which of these biblical events took place at the future site of Jerusalem?

The correct answer is Creation. According to Jewish tradition, Creation began in Jerusalem and was designated as the meeting place of heaven and earth from the beginning of time. Moreover, tradition teaches that Adam was created from the dust of the earth in Jerusalem.

The launching of Noah's ark Creation The place where Jacob and Esau were reunited The place where David defeated Goliath

Question 7 Which of the following is NOT found in Jerusalem’s Old City?

The correct answer is The Ark of the Covenant.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre The Western Wall The Ark of the Covenant The Temple Mount

Question 8 The Western Wall, or Kotel, is the last remaining wall of:

The correct answer is the Second Temple. The Western Wall is a smaller segment of a larger ancient limestone wall that was erected as part of the expansion of the Second Temple under Herod the Great. It is considered the holiest site in all Judaism. When Jews pray, they face toward Israel, and in Israel, they face toward Jerusalem, and in Jerusalem, they face toward the Western Wall.

Golgotha The Second Temple The Cave of the Patriarchs Rachel's Tomb

Question 9 The Mayor of Jerusalem from 1965-1993 was:

The correct answer is Teddy Kollek. Teddy Kollek was elected six times to the office of mayor, and was largely responsible for developing Jerusalem into a modern city. He was once called “the greatest builder of Jerusalem since Herod.”

Theodor Herzl David Ben-Gurion Golda Meir Teddy Kollek

Question 10 Which of the following phrases is said at the conclusion of the Passover Seder?

The correct answer is "Next year in Jerusalem!" This expression represents the physical longing of exiled Jews throughout history to return to their homeland, as well as the spiritual longing for the messianic era to begin.

“Next year in Jerusalem!” “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” "God bless Jerusalem.” “Let's go to Jerusalem.”

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