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Angels: God's Mysterious Messengers

Find out how much you know about the interactions of God's messengers with people of the Bible. Take our quiz today!

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Question 1 In Genesis 18, God sent three angels disguised as men to visit Abraham. Their purpose was _____.

According to Jewish tradition, each angel can have only one mission. The missions of these three angels were to heal Abraham after his circumcision, to bring the good news that the aged couple could expect a baby, and to destroy Sodom after visiting Abraham.

To heal Abraham To tell Abraham and Sarah that they would have a child To destroy Sodom All of the above

Question 2 The stairway to heaven seen by Jacob in his famous dream was a _____.

In Jacob’s dream, he saw a ladder “with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending it” (Genesis 28:12).

Rope bridge Ladder Chariot Golden escalator

Question 3 Four chapters later in Genesis, Jacob encountered another angel. This time, he wrestled with the heavenly being. What caused the angel to flee?

In verse 26, the angel tells Jacob, “Let me go, for it is daybreak.” According to Jewish tradition, once an angel completes its mission, it must leave and sing God’s praises before the next day arrives.

God's voice A trumpet blast Daybreak Nightfall

Question 4 When Joseph was out looking for his brothers and the family’s flock of sheep, an angelic messenger from God directed him to go to _____.

Instructed by his father to find his brothers, Joseph left from Hebron and didn’t find them at Shechem, where they were supposed to be. With a tip from God’s messenger, Joseph did find them in Dothan – and the brothers’ evil actions paved the way for the rest of Joseph’s, and the Israelites’, story.

Hebron Shechem Egypt Dothan

Question 5 Jacob gave a blessing – one that Jews still say before bedtime – in Genesis 48 that mentioned “the Angel who has delivered me from all harm” (v. 16). Who was Jacob’s blessing for?

Jacob’s prayer to God was that “he bless these boys” – meaning Jacob’s grandsons (Joseph’s sons), Ephraim and Manasseh, that they might “increase greatly on the earth.” To this day, Jewish parents often sing Jacob’s blessing to their children as they drift off to sleep.

Abraham and Isaac Joseph and Benjamin Ephraim and Manasseh None of the above

Question 6 When the Israelites were in the desert, the sorcerer Balaam went to curse them. However, an angel of God blocked his way by frightening Balaam’s _____.

God sent a sword-wielding angel that frightened Balaam’s donkey so badly that it refused to continue on their journey. Read about it in Numbers 22:21-38.

Camel Donkey Serpent Sister

Question 7 Joshua also encountered a sword-wielding angel, who identified himself as “commander of the army of the LORD” (5:14). What did this angel order Joshua to do?

Joshua’s encounter with this heavenly being occurred just before he led the Israelites on their conquest of the Holy Land. The angel ordered Joshua to remove his sandals, “for the place where you are standing is holy” (5:15).

Take off his sandals Follow the Clouds of Glory Partake of the manna from heaven Storm Jericho

Question 8 Angels protected which prophet from the wicked king of Aram?

2 Kings 6 finds the king of Aram at war with Israel and enraged by Elisha’s gift of prophecy. When Aramite soldiers were sent to capture Elisha, the prophet told the Israelites not to be afraid because “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them” (v. 16). Elisha was correct, as a heavenly miracle blinded the enemies of Israel.

Elijah Elisha Eliezer Ezekiel

Question 9 The Jewish people faced yet another wicked king in the book of Daniel. This evil ruler – whose efforts to burn Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in a fiery furnace were thwarted by an angel – was named _____.

When King Nebuchadnezzar ordered that all his subjects bow down before a golden idol, the three Jewish youths refused. In a fit of rage, the king ordered them tossed into a furnace, but an angel of God rescued them.

Antiochus Nebuchadnezzar Ahab Xerxes

Question 10 In Jewish tradition, an angel of the Lord touches each of us while we’re still in our mother’s womb. The place where we are touched is:

The Jewish sages teach that the angel touches us on our philtrum, which is the vertical indentation between our nose and mouth – the place that looks like the imprint of a fingertip!

Upper lip Belly button Fingertip Soles of the feet

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