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Celebrating Aliyah!

In Israel, Yom HaAliyah, or Aliyah Day begins at sundown on October 15 and ends at sundown on October 16th.  So as we prepare to celebrate this day, test your knowledge by taking our quiz.

Question 1 of :

Question 1 The Hebrew word “aliyah” means _____.

In Hebrew, the word aliyah means “ascent” or “the act of going up.”

Ascent Descent Settle None of the above

Question 2 Which hero from the Bible is the word aliyah most closely associated with?

At the end of the very first book of the Bible, Joseph left Egypt and “went up to bury his father” Jacob in what would be the Promised Land (Genesis 50:7). This “going up” to Jerusalem was an early act of aliyah.

Daniel David Jacob Noah

Question 3 So if, in Hebrew, aliyah means going up, what do we mean when we use the word today?

When we use the term aliyah, we’re still referring to Jewish people going up to Jerusalem. But today we mean it in the literal sense of the world’s dispersed and exiled Jews immigrating to make new lives in their biblical and historic homeland, Israel.

Burial Climbing Emigration Immigration

Question 4 What is the term used for the exile and dispersion of the Jewish people?

The word “diaspora” refers to the dispersed Jews who have been expelled from their land, first after the Assyrian exile in 722 BCE, followed by the Babylonian captivity in 586 BCE. After 70 years of exile in Babylon, the Jews were allowed to return to their homeland, only to suffer another expulsion by the Romans in 70 CE.

Diadem Diaphragm Diaspora Diatribe

Question 5 While Jews have maintained a presence in the Holy Land continuously since biblical times, the majority were expelled forcibly over millennia by various ruling powers. When did the Jewish people start returning in large numbers to the land God promised them?

The First Aliyah of the modern Zionist movement began in 1882 and lasted until 1903, with tens of thousands of Jews immigrating from Russia. The Second Aliyah lasted 1904-1914, and was also made up of Russian Jews, escaping the pogroms in their country. The Third Aliyah occurred in the wake of WWI, lasting from 1919 to 1923. And the Fourth Aliyah (1924-1929) found 82,000 Jews fleeing anti-Semitism in Poland and Hungary.

1882 1904 1919 1924

Question 6 The Fifth Aliyah lasted from 1929 to 1939. What caused it?

The rise of the Nazis in Germany – and throughout Europe – caused a quarter of a million Jews to make aliyah, with 174,000 reaching the Holy Land between 1933 and 1936.

Great Depression Nazism Prohibition All of the above

Question 7 Since the establishment of the modern state of Israel in 1948, how many Jews have made aliyah?

Since Israel won her independence in 1948, more than 3 million Jews have returned to the land God promised them.

1 million 2 million 3 million 4 million

Question 8 When did The Fellowship begin helping Jews make aliyah to Israel On Wings of Eagles?

The Fellowship’s On Wings of Eagles program began in 1992, a year after the fall of the Soviet Union opened the door to freedom for Soviet Jews who had suffered bitterly under Communist rule.

1990 1992 1994 1996

Question 9 What other countries besides the former Soviet Union have Fellowship Freedom Flights flown from, carrying Jews making aliyah?

The Fellowship has brought Jews to Israel from 26 different countries, from all four corners of the earth.

Ethiopia France Venezuela All of the above

Question 10 How many Jewish people have made aliyah with The Fellowship?

In the past 25 years, The Fellowship – thanks to our faithful and generous supporters – have given hope for the future more than three-quarters of a million Jews in need.

10,000 100,000 760,000 3,000,000

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