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Jerusalem - God's Holy City

This month’s Limmud study explores the eternal city of Jerusalem and its spiritual significance for Christians and Jews. Join us as we study its biblical roots and God’s plans for her future.

Hebrew Words To Know

  • Jerusalem | ירושלים

  • Complete | שלם

  • Peace | שלום

  • Heaven | שמים

  • Holy | קדוש

  • Land | ארץ

Limmud Teaching Resource

Welcome to our newest teaching resource, Limmud, which means "a teaching" or "study" in Hebrew. New topics, covering key aspects of the Jewish faith such as the Sabbath, the Omer and...

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Atonement: At One With God

This month's Limmud study explores God's incredible gift of atonement to His people of faith. Join us as we learn about this biblical concept from both a Jewish and Christian...

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