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Limmud, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's monthly teaching resource, is now exclusive content for our "Friends of The Fellowship" monthly giving donors. As you may know, Limmud means "a study," or "a teaching" in Hebrew, and each month Rabbi Eckstein will provide in-depth studies on biblical topics and concepts that will help Christians understand the ancient Jewish roots of their faith.

Won't you join us as the Rabbi takes us on a rich faith journey, gleaning important insights from millennia of Jewish tradition, wisdom, and commentary on topics such as prayer, charity, peace, baptism, and others. Each study takes a multifaceted approach to learning, with an introductory video from Rabbi Eckstein, audio of key Hebrew words related to the study, thought-provoking questions, and practical ways to apply the teachings to our own lives.

Consider making a life-saving monthly gift today, and as a thank you from The Fellowship, you will receive ongoing monthly access to this wonderful resource.