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It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Fellowship’s new learning initiative, Limmud. The Hebrew word Limmud means “a study” or “a teaching,” and it is our intention to provide you with monthly in-depth studies of biblical topics from the Jewish perspective.

Each edition of Limmud will explore another topic from the Torah. Together, we will go far beneath the surface level of each topic, gaining important insight from millennia of Jewish tradition, wisdom, and commentary. We will explain how each topic is integrated into Jewish living today, ask stimulating thought questions, and offer ways to apply the teachings to our own lives.

It is my hope and prayer that through these studies, you will have a greater understanding of the Jewish roots of Christianity and that you will grow deeper in your own faith and walk with God.

With prayers for shalom, peace,

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Founder and President

Atonement: At One With God

This month's Limmud study explores God's incredible gift of atonement to His people of faith. Join us as we learn about this biblical concept from both a Jewish and Christian perspective.

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Shofar: The Three Sounds of Renewal

In this month’s study, Rabbi Eckstein explores the various meanings and spiritual lessons that are associated with this biblically mandated tradition.

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Tisha B’Av: A Time to Weep

In this study, we learn about the time of mourning, Tisha B’Av, and how from the tragedies we experience, our faith can grow stronger.

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Jerusalem - God's Holy City

This month’s Limmud study explores the eternal city of Jerusalem and its spiritual significance for Christians and Jews. Join us as we study its biblical roots and God’s plans for her future.

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Bikkurim: Giving God Our Best

In this study, we learn about the ancient ritual of the bikkurim, which means offering God our firstfruits. This observance has much to teach us today about gratitude and giving back to God from all He has given us throughout each year.

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Omer: Making Every Day Count

In this study, we discover the significance of the omer, which means “sheaf,” and the counting of the days between the Jewish holidays of Passover and Shavuot — and how these observances are tied together spiritually.

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The Seder Plate: Food for Thought

On Passover, the seder table is brimming with symbolic foods and objects that are used throughout the evening in order to tell the Exodus story. The focal point of the table is the seder plate, which contains six specific foods that take on a spiritual and ritual role. This month’s Limmud (which means "study" in Hebrew) explains the seder plate and the significance of the items placed upon it. We will learn how these elements help us tell the story of Passover and deepen our relationship with God, our Savior and Redeemer.

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