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Holocaust Remembrance Day

At sundown May 4 through sundown May 5, Israel will observe Holocaust Remembrance Day, a solemn tribute to the six million Jews murdered at the hands of the Nazi regime. But as the full meaning of Holocaust Remembrance Day in Hebrew suggests -- A Day of (remembrance of) the Holocaust and the Heroism -- we also remember and honor those individuals who went to great lengths to save the Jews. As you explore our specially prepared microsite, We Remember, and other resources in the Learning Center, let us never forget the atrocities of the past so history does not repeat itself, but let us also remember to do what we can to help the remaining survivors of the Holocaust today.

We Remember

Visit The Fellowship's microsite devoted to a more in-depth look at the Holocaust where you can listen to a Holocaust survivor, learn more about the roots of anti-Semitism and how that contributed to Hitler's Final Solution, watch a video about those who stepped forward to help the Jewish people, and explore how we today can respond to...

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Holocaust Overview

It is difficult to remember the unspeakable horrors of the Holocaust, where six million innocent souls perished simply because they were Jewish. But to not remember and talk about the Holocaust is even more dangerous since "those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Use the following resources as a starting point to help you...

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Max Grinblatt and his wife

My Grandfather's Holocaust Story

Fellowship writer Yonit Rothchild shares her grandfather's moving story of surviving the Holocaust as part of his legacy that the world never forget.

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How We Can Respond

Simply remembering the Holocaust and its victims is no longer enough. Show your support for the Jewish people by attending a Holocaust Remembrance Day event in your community, pray for the Jewish people and their security, or find out how you can help care for Holocaust survivors while they are still with us. Check out the various ways you can...

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