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Isaiah 58 Challenge Sample Material

Browse through a sample copy of the materials that The Fellowship will provide to your church for the Isaiah 58 “True Fast” Challenge. All materials are downloadable PDFs and can be copied for your congregation’s use. Provided is a set of eight sermon outlines and slides; eight devotions; eight church bulletin inserts; a guide to 58 ways to serve others throughout the Challenge; an overview for presenting and explaining the Challenge to others; and a response form for sending in the church’s donation. Once you have signed up for the “True Fast” Challenge, you will receive an email with a link to the full set of downloadable materials.

Isaiah 58 “True Fast” Challenge Overview

Use this one-page overview slide to explain what the Isaiah 58 “True Fast” Challenge is all about to your congregation, your church leadership, small group leaders, or Sunday school teachers.

Isaiah 58 “True Fast” Challenge Overview – PDF

“58 Ways to Serve” Guide

Use this guide as a handout for all participants in the “True Fast” Challenge. It offers 58 different ways that participants can do daily acts of service or kindness, putting the principles of the “true fast” that God mandates in the Bible.

“58 Ways to Serve” Guide – PDF

Church Bulletin

Use these eight bulletin inserts to help educate your congregation about participating in a global “true fast” by helping support The Fellowship’s Isaiah 58 ministry program. Each insert tells the heartbreaking story of a needy Jew living in the former Soviet Union, who is being helped with the support of Christian partners like yourselves.

Sample Church Bulletin – PDF


This set of eight devotions written by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein provide an excellent way for families, small groups or Sunday school classes to reflect upon and discuss the biblical principles of the “true fast.”

Sample Devotional – PDF


Select from eight different sermon outlines, written to help your congregations delve deeper into the spiritual significance of the biblical fast that God called His people, Israel, to, and to which He calls us today. Each sermon comes with accompanying slide, illustrating the need of God’s people living in the former Soviet Union. Or use all eight sermons throughout the eight Sundays in the campaign.

Sample Outline – PDF   Sample Slides – PDF

Other Sample Material

Challenge Overview

“58 Ways to Serve” Guide

Church Bulletin




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