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Advances in Technology


It has been said that Israel's only true natural resource, apart from Dead Sea minerals, is the ingenuity of its people.

Israel has become a world leader in revolutionary high-tech innovations. Whether it's storing data from the moon or tracking packages around the world, Israeli companies are hard at work researching, developing, testing and producing innovation. Consider, for example, these corporations:

Sure Winners

Red Bend Software, a leader in Mobile Software Management, has offices all over the globe. The company was a winner of the Deloitte 2008 Israel Technology Fast 50 awards. Red Bend's software has been used by manufacturers such as Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG Electronics to remotely manage and update their mobile software, thus reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Alma Lasers is a global leader in the development and production of laser, light-based and radio-frequency equipment for use in both medical and cosmetic applications. The company won a Deloitte 2008 Israel Technology Fast 50 award, and has been at the forefront of laser technology since 1980. Products developed by Alma Lasers are used by dermatologists worldwide for non-invasive treatment of varicose veins and acne, for hair removal and for pain relief.

Space Age

Sital Technology has brought Israel into the space age by producing a superior solution to problems that radiation was causing in the storage of pictures and mapping information from NASA's lunar probe. Sital designed IP core technology that facilitates the smooth and reliable communication of data between the systems within the probe.

Leaders in Technology

In another coup, Israel has been chosen to lead the largest research and development initiative in the world. The Eureka Initiative, which supports technological innovations across Europe, was founded in 1985. Israel was granted full membership, and became one of the most active member countries. As Eureka's leader, Israel will set an agenda designed to positively impact industry and technology both nationally and internationally.

Advances in Tracking

ImageID is an innovator in package tracking. The company provides manufacturers with Visido, a technology that scans tags and barcodes with high-powered cameras. The data is then entered into a centralized system, allowing companies to trace goods en route from originating warehouses to their final destinations. The technology is so powerful it can even scan items at a distance or while they're in motion. With these advances, ImageID is helping companies worldwide save millions of dollars, while increasing the accuracy, speed and efficiency of their product delivery.

Blue and White = Green

Solel Solar Systems, Ltd., designs and manufactures solar thermal equipment. Solel is another winner of the Deloitte 2008 Israel Technology Fast 50 awards. The company's mission is to increase the electrical output of solar equipment, while decreasing the costs of their installation and maintenance. The Solar Thermal Power Generation converts sunshine into electricity, and can operate after daylight hours with a backup system of alternative fuels. Solar thermal distributed power plants supplement and reduce dependency on the main energy systems in hospitals, resorts and industries. These on-site power stations can be built quickly and are relatively cheap to maintain.

Israel CleanTech Ventures is a firm focused on developing green technology. One of its projects is Aqwise Water Technologies, Ltd., a world leader in innovations of wastewater treatment. Yet another winner of the Deloitte 2008 Israel Technology Fast 50 awards, Aqwise recently signed a deal with Mekorot (Israel's national water company) to address the problem of nitrate contamination in drinking water. In March 2009, Aqwise signed a cooperation agreement with a Dutch engineering company to develop an integrated hybrid system for treating wastewater with high organic loads. The system is cost efficient and leaves a small environmental footprint. This is ideal for industries that emit high organic loads into their wastewater.

Another member of Israel CleanTech Ventures is A Better Place. Founded by Israeli executive Shai Agassi, A Better Place aims to reduce global dependency on fuel by creating an infrastructure that supports electric vehicles. In addition to developing technology for the cars themselves, A Better Place is developing technology that will make the electric car driving experience a convenient and superior option. The company intends to provide charge spots at locations such as private homes, workplaces and parking lots. Drivers on the road will benefit from new technology that assists with intelligent navigation and real-time traffic information. Globally, A Better Place is striving to reach standardization, so that drivers will benefit from improved infrastructure, no matter where in the world they are driving.

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