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Israel's Impact on the World

For a country with a relatively tiny population and size, Israel has rather a disproportionate impact on the world: Israeli researchers have produced advances in medicine, industry, agriculture, technology, and science that have saved lives, expanded knowledge, and broadened horizons around the world. Read more about these innovations, along with the unique role Israel plays in disasters and crisis response around the world.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Israel, known for its holy sites, its beautiful vistas, and its great Middle Eastern food, is also hard at work fighting cancer. Israel has been at the forefront of pharmacological advances, and Israeli-based pharmaceutical companies are leading the fight against diseases.

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Agriculture and Science

The arid desert regions of Israel and the scarcity of water resources have provided a challenge for centuries. Israeli scientists have been hard at work to find ways to conserve water and to utilize the vast Negev region for agricultural developments.

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Advances in Technology

It has been said that Israel's only true natural resource, apart from Dead Sea minerals, is the ingenuity of its people. Israel has become a world leader in revolutionary high-tech innovations.

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Weapons Industry

The Uzi submachine gun is part of popular culture—featured in television, movies, and video games, handled by famous actors worldwide. This popular weapon, known for its compact nature and reliability, originated in a tiny Middle Eastern country called Israel. Although only borne of necessity, the military industry is one often...

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Humanitarian Aid

Israel has never been a country which simply looks out for itself, although that would certainly be a full time job. Since its inception, Israel has sought out ways to help others. Humanitarian aid efforts range from the local, like coming to the aid of beleaguered residents of Kiryat Shmona near the Lebanese border, or driving Palestinian...

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