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Inside Israel

Welcome to Inside Israel! Discover the ancient treasures of the Holy Land, learn about the geography of this nation no bigger than the state of New Jersey, or try out one of the delicacies of Israeli foods. It's all here and more!


Israel, of course, is known in the Bible as the "land of milk and honey." But for a long time, the country did not have a recognized culinary heritage. Thankfully, however, today Israel is widely credited with a rich and distinctive cuisine - one reflecting the diversity of Israeli society, but with roots deeply planted in Jewish and regional...

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Although no bigger in size than the state of New Jersey, Israel’s landscape and climate are diverse, with snow-capped mountains in the northern portion of the country to dry, arid desert in the south. Learn more about this incredibly complex land that both Christians and Jews call holy.

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Journey to Zion

Journey to Zion is a unique and exciting weekly television program about the Jewish roots of Christianity. Your host for each 30-minute episode is the founder and president of The Fellowship, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein.

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Returning to Zion is a series of short insightful videos about the history, culture, and biblical roots of the Holy Land. Founder and President of The Fellowship, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein takes you on-site in the Holy Land, introducing a number of different topics linked to the Jewish roots of Christianity.

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