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Helping a Noble Cause

Our listeners share the joy and blessing in helping the Jewish people through The Fellowship's programs.

Hope For Our Future

April 21, 2017

On today's program, Yael Eckstein talks about the hope inspired by Christian support for Israel's people.

temple from the Eastern Gates

What is the Significance of the Temple?

April 20, 2017

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein explains how the Temple was the holiest place in Jerusalem, where God's divine presence rested.

The Holy Land Belongs to the Jewish People

April 19, 2017

On today’s program, listeners of The Fellowship share reasons for being loyal supporters of Israel and her people.

Tzfat Sunset

Shemini – Bridging Heaven and Earth

April 18, 2017

In today's Torah reading, we learn about the significance of the eighth day and what it means in Judaism.