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This Holy Season

April 1, 2018

The Christian observance of Easter resonates back to the story of the Jews’ escape and deliverance from Egyptian bondage three thousand years ago. 

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Besides Him There Is No Other

March 30, 2018

Whenever a solution to our problem seems impossible, think “There is nothing but God.” He parted the sea for Israel, and He can do the impossible for us, too.

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Teach Your Inner Child

March 29, 2018

No matter how old we are, the rest of our life can be the best of our life.

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Choose Faith over Fact

March 28, 2018

Our bottom line must come down to what God says over what anyone else says.

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“Let Me Hear Your Voice”

March 27, 2018

When you are facing a difficult situation with seemingly no way out, the solution is to cry out to God in prayer.

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How He Loves Us

March 26, 2018

God’s love for us is unwavering.

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Thank God Day By Day

March 25, 2018

Today’s gratitude must be different from yesterday’s.

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The Eternal Jewish Homeland

March 23, 2018

Israel is home to the children of Israel. It always has been and it always will be.

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Be the Exception

March 22, 2018

Bring a good report about Israel, when the rest of the world concocts a bad one. Stand with God and stand for the truth.

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