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The Promise-Keeper

January 23, 2018

Let your faith and deeds in the Promise-Keeper be the bedrock of your life.

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A Good Challenge

January 22, 2018

Every challenge is a chance to grow closer to God and to make something special of yourself and your life.

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The God of My Mercy

January 21, 2018

Our merciful acts bring blessings to the giver and the receiver.

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Those Who Bless Israel

January 19, 2018

God will bless those who bless Israel.

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Taking It to the Streets

January 18, 2018

While prayer and study are important and praiseworthy, we need to take the ideals that we learn in our churches and synagogues and take them “into the streets.”

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Like the Stars

January 17, 2018

When we see people for the bright and shiny stars that they are, they may just learn to see themselves that way too.

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A Floodgate of Blessings

January 16, 2018

Those who bless the Jewish people and the State of Israel will undoubtedly enjoy great blessings themselves.

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From the Beginning

January 15, 2018

God begins the Bible with Creation so that we would know that He created the world and has all authority over the universe.

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Everything Has a Purpose

January 14, 2018

Each of us is an indispensable piece of His puzzle, and we must do our part to contribute to the perfection of His world.

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A Nation Reborn

January 12, 2018

As we celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday this year, let us open our eyes and see the miracle of it all.

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“The Silver Platter”

January 11, 2018

Honor those who became the “silver platter” on which our state was given to us.

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A Prayer to Heal the World

January 10, 2018

Pray for Jerusalem today and every day, because if we can heal the heart of the world, the rest of the body will follow.

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United We Are Blessed

January 9, 2018

United we stand, and united we are blessed.

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Living Prophecies

January 8, 2018

We are living in these miraculous times and watching biblical prophecies unfold before our very eyes.

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Direction, Not Destruction

January 7, 2018

Next time you find yourself in a conflict, remember to focus on changing the direction, not on destruction.

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Hope and Faith for the Future

January 5, 2018

When we activate our faith, we can activate God’s intervention during these tumultuous times.

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Sowing Seeds

January 4, 2018

Though we may weep as we plant, there will be joy in the future.

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We Can Do Anything through God

January 3, 2018

Through God, we can do anything and be anything. God chooses the willing, not necessarily the able.

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Our Source of Strength

January 2, 2018

God is our source of strength and protection.

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The LORD is My Rock

January 1, 2018

When we call God our rock, we recognize that He is our savior and protector.

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The Fear Factor

December 31, 2017

We tend to feed our fear so that our problems and anxieties grow larger and larger.

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