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Explore the ancient roots of the Christian faith through our wealth of resources here on the Learning Center. Be inspired by our daily devotions; learn Hebrew, listen to a podcast on the Jewish faith, people, and culture, or watch a video and download a study about key tenets and practices of Judaism in Limmud and how they relate to your life and faith today.

Hebrew Word of the Day
August 29, 2016
Theme: Summer

Al Ha’esh —

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Shofar: The Three Sounds of Renewal

In this month’s study, Rabbi Eckstein explores the various meanings and spiritual lessons that are associated with this biblically mandated tradition.

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Trail Angels – Part 2

Israeli photographer Udi Goren shares another experience on the Israel National Trail where he lit candles with a family during Hanukkah.

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Prayer: The Work of Our Hearts

For Christians and Jews alike, prayer is our way to communicate with God — our gratitude for His many blessings, our confession of what we’ve done wrong, our praises, and our heartfelt needs. Find out what you know about prayer from the Bible and from Judaism with our short quiz.

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What Is Tisha B'Av? - Overview

Tisha B’Av (the Fast of the Ninth of Av) is a day of mourning to commemorate the many tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people, many of which have occurred on the...

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The Temple

At the center of Tisha B’Av is the Temple. This was more than just a place of worship for the Jewish people – it was the very center of their lives, their faith, and their...

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