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Friend of the Fellowship

It is our honor and privilege to serve in ministry with friends like you as you bless Israel and the Jewish people through the work of The Fellowship. Your dedicated response to the promise the Lord made to Abraham and his descendants – “I will bless those who bless you” (Genesis 12:3) – is an inspiration.

That is why we invite you to become a Friend of The Fellowship monthly supporter. This is a select group of ministry partners who contribute on a monthly basis to help rescue desperate Jewish immigrants from hardship and danger, as well as provide for the dire needs of suffering people in Israel and the worldwide Jewish community.

When you become a Friend of The Fellowship&helip;

  • Your monthly donation provides ongoing care for needy Jews
  • You save The Fellowship costs, which means your gift can be immediately put to use
  • You have peace of mind knowing you are blessing many lives
  • You will receive a complimentary subscription to our Limmud teaching series as an expression of our appreciation

Ways to Become a Friend of The Fellowship

Three Ways to Donate

Give in the way that is most convenient to you: by making an online monthly contribution, mailing in your best gift, or by giving The Fellowship a call.

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Gift of the Month Club

Bless a loved one and receive the blessings of Genesis 12:3 by giving through The Fellowship’s Gift of the Month Club. Sponsor a special Fellowship project every month and receive a special card in the mail, and read about the people you helped through The Fellowship.

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Learn More About Limmud

Limmud, which means “a study” or “a teaching” in Hebrew, is our monthly, in-depth study of biblical topics from the Jewish perspective. Together, we will go beneath the surface level of each topic, gaining important insight from millennia of Jewish tradition, wisdom, and commentary.

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