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Daliyat El-Carmel


We at the Fellowship seek to bring together two of the most incredible supporters of Israel who couldn’t be more different and neither are Jews, the Christians, and the Druze. Join us for a tour, lecture from a spiritual leader, IDF military commander, or visit the Druze IDF pre-military college in Daliyat El-Carmel. Here also is the home of sir Lawrence Oliphant, and the site of Elijah’s contest with the servants of Ba’al on the Carmel mountain.

Groups are able to book a speaker on the Druze-Israel alliance, a workshop: pita making and Labane or other ethnic dishes, and a tour of the IDF Druze service memorials.

Groups can book a tour with a Druze guide (sometimes military officials if available) through the village including the Shuk, and Elijah the Prophet’s encounter with the Pagan worshipers of Ba’al on the Carmel mountain.

Exclusively, it is possible to book a Gadna visit to the pre-military college established with the help of the IFCJ in Daliyat El-Carmel – this involves joining a pre-military college attended by Druze and Jewish recruits in their preparation for elite positions in the IDF for a day.

  • Visit Duration: 1.5 – 4 hours
  • Booking and pricing: Booking can be done via the IFCJ, requests can be made to fit the group’s interests (eg. A woman Druze speaker on life in Israel, an Armenian Christian draftee/recruiter). 02-646-1400 ext. 453
  • Pricing: (Depending on the request) 20NIS Per-Person per-activity. A tour of the premises with an escort from the International Fellowship – free.
  • Hours: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Sun-Fir

For tour suggestions, special programs, questions, or bookings please contact our tourism department in Israel: [email protected]


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