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International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Crisis story emotional plea!

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Crisis Mission Statement — Some horrible stuff has happened and we need your help.

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Rabbi's Commentary

Hope Amid Devastation in Israel

November 29, 2016

The scope of the devastating fires that plagued Israel over the past week is only now being realized. 60,000 people were evacuated, 180 were injured, and 30,000 acres of forest were destroyed....

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Update: Still Searching for Survivors of Collapsed Building

We continue to pray for those who might still be trapped under the collapsed garage in Tel Aviv and hope the rescue team is successful in their search. 

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Other Ways to Learn

Penny Nance (Concerned Women of America) with IDF officer and Yael Eckstein at one of the IDF Fellowship Social Clubs, sitting on couch

Yael to Speak at Religious Liberty Panel

This coming Monday, May 4, Fellowship Senior Vice President Yael Eckstein will be in Washington, D.C., to speak on Capitol Hill on a subject of great importance – religious persecution in the Middle East.

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Yael holding hands with Elderly Woman wearing a brown scarf and a red jacket

Let Us Answer the Call to Stand for Israel!

We believe we must answer our collective spiritual calling (Genesis 12:3) to bless Abraham’s descendants, the Jewish people, by giving generously. And in return, God promises His...

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Roddie Edmonds

How a Pastor Unearthed His Father's Holocaust Heroism

Through his father's war diaries, a Baptist pastor learns of his father's wartime exploits and the stand he took that saved the lives of nearly 200 Jewish-American POWs.

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IDF map of Hezbollah infrastructure

Hezbollah Turns 200 Lebanese Towns into Launching Pads

The IDF has published a map of the towns and villages taken over by the terrorist group to be used as rocket launching sites, headquarters, and weapons warehouses.

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The Lives You Impact